QR code use surges

For many years use of QR codes had been limited with the technology failing to live up to the hype. In 2020, however, we have seen substantial increases in use across the world as QR codes have emerged as a primary means to ‘check-in’ to venues as part of COVID-19 track and trace systems.

In recent research, Savvy found that 45% of consumers have scanned a QR code in the previous three months. Amongst 18-34, the level rises to 64%.

While track and trace has been the main driver of growth, we see in the research that shoppers are using QR codes more broadly. Among those who had scanned a QR code we found that 35% has used one to look up products information and 42% have scanned to access a website. 23% cited another reason.

Given growing presence of QR codes and increasing awareness of how to scan them with a phone’s camera, we expect use of QR codes to continue rising over the next couple of years.

It may be time for those who had dismissed the technology to take another look.