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Morrisons Valentine’s Day OfferThe Grocer

In the run up to Valentine’s Day, Morrisons has bought two thirds of the UK’s retail oysters to sell at 25p. The average cost of an oyster in the UK is £1.59, however the retailer has cut the price of its offering to make the shellfish affordable. The oysters will be sourced from Scotland, and will be available in 492 stores nationwide until 14 February as either single oysters or six-packs. This follows research from Morrisons that showed 40% of Brits have never tried oysters, with one in 10 put off by the price.
The Grocer

Morrisons Eat Smart – The Grocer

Morrisons have also officially relaunched its healthy eating own-label brand ‘Eat Smart’. The products have been reintroduced to stores over the past few weeks, with a total of 79 now on shelves. Eat Smart was replaced by NuMe in 2012, and is the second Morrisons own label brand to make a comeback recently, following the reintroduction of premium brand ‘The Best’. The new range will feature a dark purple and yellow Eat Smart leaf design on pack, highlighting its nutritional benefits.
The Grocer

The Savvy Photo Store has captured some of the range and in-store media for Eat Smart Counted over the past month, as seen below.


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