Gin and sparkling wines lead alcohol drinking trends into 2018

As part of Savvy’s Themes and Outlook for 2018 report, we focused our attention on alcoholics drinks. Here we share a couple of the key findings.

Firstly, Savvy’s research indicates a slow down in alcohol consumption across both the on- and off-trades in 2018. 29% of drinkers plan to cut back how frequently they drink alcohol drinks at home, while 36% say they will cut back trips to pubs and bars. Though people are more likely to say they plan to cut back when asked in January, the proportion of those planning to cut back has increased compared to last year – in 2017 only 25% said they would cut back on trips to pubs and bars.

Second, looking at trends in drinks, we find gin and sparkling wines remain on trend. 23% of respondents say their friends are talking about gin more now than a year ago, while 18% hear more chatter about sparkling wine. Vodka, wine and craft beer are among the categories on the up.

This article is an extract from Savvy’s Themes and Outlook for 2018 report. At the start of each year, Savvy speaks to its panel of 1,000 UK grocery shoppers to understand their views, attitudes and opinions. Our insight team then analyses the data and considers the key issues that are set to influence the market. In the report we present our view on the shopper landscape and highlight the key themes which we expect to shape the agenda in 2018. To receive the full report please contact Taj Sur.