Convenience is king in online grocery retailing

Savvy has today announced the findings of its largest ever shopper insight project. The report examining online grocery shopper trends not only questioned 1,000+ online shoppers about their purchasing habits and attitudes, but also involved a programme of accompanied shops, each fully eye tracked and supported with in-depth interviews.

The report findings indicate that the online grocery market is amidst a period of substantial change. As a result Savvy expects to witness a new wave of market growth over the next few years shifting the way shoppers behave, not only online, but instore too.


Key findings:

 Why do we shop online?

  • A huge 74 percent of respondents cited convenience as their primary motivation to shop for groceries online, up from 55 percent in 2012.
  • 19 percent stated it was for budgeting reasons.
  • Three percent said it was to access larger ranges and four percent for other reasons.

How often do we shop online?

  • 39 percent of shoppers shop for groceries online at least once every three months.

Which online retailers do we use?

  • proved the most popular with 62 percent of respondents having used the shopping platform in the past 12 months.
  • In second place, 41 percent had used and the platform attracted 34 percent of respondents.
  • had been used by 12 percent whilst and had both been used by ten percent each

How do online grocery shoppers behave?

  • Preparation – 59 percent write a list before shopping
  • Location – 66 percent carry out their shopping from the living room, 20 percent from the kitchen and even six percent from the bedroom.
  • Dual screening – 23 percent watch television whilst shopping.
  • Social media – 73 percent of these shoppers use Facebook
  • Mobile – 25 percent prefer to shop using a smartphone or tablet.
  • 53 percent of these shoppers add to their baskets over multiple sessions too