Challenging times: Savvy’s shopper outlook for the second half of 2020

With lockdown restrictions being relaxed and the economy starting back up again, the landscape for shoppers is evolving fast.

While we see many old behaviours starting to return, there will be longer term differences in shopper habits, rituals, priorities and actions.

In part, this is because COVID 19 is still with us and circumstances will force certain behaviours.

But it is also because of the decisions we are choosing to make as a result of economic uncertainty, anxieties and re-evaluated lifestyle choices.

In Savvy’s most recent research we took a snapshot of the shopper, looking at their current behaviours and attitudes, and gauging how their mindset is evolving. As well as providing an essential understanding of the current state of play, the research can help us make better informed decisions when planning.

To read the research highlights, please click on the link here.