Building brand loyalty through added value on-pack

As retailers continue to take more control of their store environments and in-store compliance continues to disappoint, the delivery of marketing messages for brands and opportunities to activate have become drastically reduced. Providing added value on-pack is one of the most effective ways of standing out and creating an emotional connection at the point of purchase amongst a sea of price promotion offers.

The most compelling added value campaigns have the ability to build long term brand loyalty, strengthen brand image whilst driving purchase and switching, and the campaigns that place shopper insight at the heart of the activation have the potential to uncover a genuine shopper truth to make the promotion meaningful. Over half (57%) of UK shoppers (Savvy Shopper Panel based on 1,000 UK shoppers) told us they are more likely to buy a particular product if it offers added value on-pack.

And thanks to the application of technology, never has there been a better time for brands to make a stronger connection with consumers. On-pack campaigns can now extend beyond simple win and free gift with purchase mechanics. By using technology like augmented reality brands can drive deeper engagement activating brand content on-pack and creating an on-going dialogue with consumers over a sustained period of time.

On-pack added value has therefore become an increasingly important touchpoint in the connected shopper journey and those that resonate with shoppers will be the ones that find a balance between smart strategy, added value and compelling creative.

At Savvy we have 12 years’ experience of creating disruption at the point of purchase, delivering the end to end customer experience and connecting across the path to purchase to drive ongoing brand engagement. Our monthly Savvy Shopper Panel of 1,000 UK shoppers provides us with insight into the most desirable on-pack added value mechanics to maximise participation resulting in effective campaigns that are grounded in what shoppers have told us they find compelling.

We have taken a deep dive into a selection of on-pack campaigns to test awareness and appeal as part of our ongoing research into optimising added value on-pack. To hear the findings from our proprietary Savvy Shopper Panel, a review of best in class examples and discover how added value on-pack can drive impact for your brand, please get in touch.