86% of British shoppers support government’s obesity strategy

In July 2020, the government outlined a series of new policies which aims to reduce obesity levels in the UK, with particular focus on HFSS (high fat, sugar and salt) food and drinks. While various trade bodies in the food and drink sector have raised serious concerns, Savvy’s latest Shopper Panel research suggests the majority of shopper back the measures.

For example, 86% of UK shoppers agree that the the use of ‘traffic lights’ to provide health information like fat, salt and sugar levels, should be legally required on all packaged food and drink products.

We also found the majority (66%) support the ban of advertising of unhealthy foods on TV and online before 9pm.

Fewer shoppers (though still a majority) agree that supermarkets should not be allow to promote unhealthy foods on aisle ends (56%). Similarly 53% thought that supermarkets should be banned from promoting unhealthy foods that encourage people to buy more, like ‘buy one get one free’.

Overall support for government intervention is very high, with 86% of shoppers saying that it’s good that the government is taking action to reduce the level of obesity.

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